Reviews and referrals are key indicators of customer satisfaction. Kent Auto Repair shop is proud to service vehicles for our Kent, WA community. Here is what clients say about us.

Extremely Nice, Trustworthy, Great Price

Probably one of the best experiences I’ve had at an auto shop… they helped fix my ac unit right on the spot for a great price.

Found Real Problem, Fixed It

My cars A/C system seemed to be working ok but every time I tried to use it, I smelt a chemical smell. So I took it to a shop in Covington and they said they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Still every time I turned it on I kept smelling that smell.

I searched Google for an A/C specialist and I found Kent Auto Repair. I told Brian the owner about the problem and he told me the problem with the smell could not be leaking refrigerant because the refrigerant is an odorless gas. He suggested we let the car warm up as he suspected a coolant leak. I left my car with them and they found that the source of the smell was actually oil leaking from my valve cover gaskets onto my exhaust manifolds. I am glad I took it there because they found the real problem right away and fixed it.

Emission Authorized, Fast, Affordable

My car would not pass emissions and I was really broke, as my husband had just been laid off. My regular mechanic was not emission authorized so I found an authorized shop nearby. These guys are great. They got my car to pass emissions that afternoon and at a price I could afford. I am making these guys my regular mechanics from now on.

Trustworthy, Timely, Thorough

This is a great place to get your car fixed. First of all, my price was exactly as quoted over the phone. I was in and out of there in one and a half hours! No waiting for my car to go in, as soon as I got there, they took it in. They replaced a wheel bearing and while the wheel was off they cleaned my brakes for free! I had been quoted $220 more for the same thing at the first shop I went to. I’m glad I came here.

The manager, Frank, was a super friendly guy with lots of experience and know how. This is a very trust worthy group of guys that do the work on your car as needed. I would highly recommend them. It was just an overall wonderful experience.

They will defiantly be hearing from me next time I have any car issues.